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Fast, efficient, intuitive project and team management software that maximises productivity and gets stuff done

Harness the power of an all-in-one automated system that works for your business

(and not the other way round)

Managing a business requires careful coordination of many moving parts. It’s easy to lose track of time, billing, team management, customer leads, help desk requests, and more.

In fact, not having an automated system to track these aspects of your business is losing you time and money. (Spoiler alert: your competitors are doing it).

Chronodesk’s practical and user-friendly interface is exactly what your team needs to power up to the next level, and to gain a competitive advantage.

In fact, you can’t really afford NOT to sign up for Chronodesk

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Time Tracking

Spend more time
in your zone of genius

A powerful time-tracking system that’s easy to link to your clients and projects, and makes tracking your hours and billing for them quick and stress-free.


Track your time by the hour, and bill to specific projects


Quick and easy automated billing


Maintain a birds-eye view of your projects

Our customisable interface allows you to gain a quick overview of your projects, team, and time tracking, in various different ways, including a Kanban board.

Sprints and Phases


Track what is due

Project Progress


Keep customers raving about your service

Our comprehensive help desk feature helps you manage customer support tickets and incidents quickly and efficiently, so that you continue to provide the best customer service.

You can link your support email address directly into Chronodesk or have us provide you with one.

Customer Service

Be known for fast and efficient customer service. Never miss a customer query.

Link Email Addresses

Link your own email address or we’ll create one for you. Set up inbound workflows with ticket rules.


Tracks sales, close more deals, win more business

Keep track of those pending deals, organise your leads, and easily capture new client’s information into your management system.






Work together, get more done

Keep all of your team’s content, such as discussion boards, wiki, rich content and document libraries, all together in one, easy-to-access place.

Document Libraries

Discussion Boards

Rich Content



Built for teams of all kinds.

No matter your business management needs, we’ve got a solution for you, if you are a…

Chronodesk Freelancer

It’s the tool every freelancer can’t do without.

You’re a freelance web developer or designer and your time is limited.

Being organised helps you to stay ahead of the game.

Chronodesk helps you maintain control of your small business, and optimise your productivity and efficiency with a birds-eye view of your project workflows.

You can easily track incoming leads so that you can close more deals, manage your time spent on projects and in meetings, and come the end of the month, billing is a breeze with Chronodesk’s built-in billing features.

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Chronodesk Small and Medium Teams

Level up your team.

You’re managing a small to medium team of dedicated staff, but it hard to keep track of what everyone is working on, especially now that remote work has become the norm.

You’re spending most of your time managing your business and staff, and not enough time doing the things you really enjoy.

Chronodesk helps small to medium teams automate their projects and team management processes, so they can spend more time in their zone of genius, doing the work that counts.

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Chronodesk Enterprise

Large enterprise.

You’re the leader of a large enterprise, managing many different kinds of business operations at once. Chronodesk covers all the bases such as managing your projects, large teams, billing clients, complex sales processes, and an integrated help desk, all-in-one intuitive system.

What you need is a concise set of project management tools to cover all the processes.

You also need a single dashboard where you can get a birds-eye-view of your company’s projects, so that you can monitor their progress and optimise efficiency and profit.

We can customise our software to meet the specific needs of your large organisation.

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All in one solution

A one stop shop for team and projects.

No need to shop around for plugins or integrations.

Time Management

Time Sheets




Project Management

Manage resources



Gantt Chart

Help Desk

Email Integration

Ticket Management

Notifications and Alerts

Inbound Ticket Rules

Sales Tracker

Sales Pipeline

Lead Management



Quick setup

Getting set up is simple

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3. Power up your business

Start winning more business, optimise your project and team management, and enjoy your new virtual office. We promise you, you’ll never look back.